GPS-Vision-Air for Pocket PC

Synthetic vision and a highway in the sky
Version 2.2

A Nuchem Research AB program for air navigation
Synthetic vision gives easy navigation, and also makes it easy to avoid high terrain in darkness and poor visibility.

Display during a flight from ESGG (Landvetter) to Läckö castle via Hemsjo, ESGI, and ESGL.
Distance to Hemsjo is 0.7 nm.
Estimated time of arrival (ETA) to ESGI is 9.20
An obstacle (drawn red) extends to less than 500 ft below your present altitude.
Characteristic features of this landscape are lakes and numerous small hills.

Imagine that you are flying on top of a cloud layer in mountain terrain, and have an engine failure.
You want to find a valley with a bottom that is as flat as possible, for an emergency landing.
Darker color means steeper terrain. So you should aim for the lightest color within reach.
The estimated glide range with actual altitude and terrain profile is shown
as a horizontal yellow line.

You may download the program (zip file 582 kB),
and description and user instructions (pdf file 326 kB).

Price: Donationware. (10 - 20 EUR is recommended.)
Download is free, and the licence never expires.
Although, the program is free, development and flight tests are not,
so if you find the program useful, a donation is appreciated
to support work on developments and improvements.

Flying among mountains
If you are flying among mountains, your screen might look like below.

The picture is a screen capture from a tour among mountains in Norway, close to the town Noresund.
Along the valley to the right, the lake Kroderen is barely visible. This lake is about 12 nm long, but most parts of it are hidden behind the mountain to the right.
Orange color is a warning that you will be less than 500 feet above ground.
Mountains extending above the horizon are higher than your present altitude.

Pocket PC with Windows CE version 5.0 or higher
A GPS unit communicating via NMEA standard